Meet the Designer

I am Zandra Burney, founder, visionary designer and head seamstress of Frankie’s Customz. Frankie’s Customz began as an experimental hobby in my bedroom, as a way to expand on my love for fashion as a former model. After consistent dedication, it developed into a brand that has led me to clothe women and men across the world. All of my designs are original and hand-sewn. Each item is one-of-a-kind. For specific requests, please contact me directly so we can create something magical together! Thanks for visiting.

Where Can I See More of Frankie’s Customz?

  • Fashion Shows

    Fittings, hair, makeup, backstage selfies...Lights, camera, action! Fashion shows are my ultimate fav! First, they give me more reasons to travel; two - allow me to meet and interact with so many beautiful people across the globe and three, grant me the opportunity to share my brand face-to-face. Check below for my latest fashion show schedule. I may be in your city soon! 

  • Style Shoots

    Personal Stylists consider me a great asset! Their clients love my work and my custom, exuberant pieces always bring their photos to life! Consider partnering with me for your next shoot or event! 

  • Social Media

    Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram! I’d love to stay connected! 

Coming to a City Near You!

August: New York City 

October: Los Angeles, CA 

November: Danville, VA 


Why aren’t the clothes available in various sizes?

Each of my designs are one of a kind. Since every piece is hand-sewn, no items are the same. The outfit comes as is and the size is specified in the respective description. 

If I would like an outfit similar to one I’ve seen on the website, would you be able to create me a custom piece?

Absolutely! I can definitely make a similar outfit, bearing in mind it will not be exactly the same as the one pictured. 

How can I contact you to discuss potential partnerships or purchases?

I can best be reached via email at